Me, Myself and I

Well, I made it to the Arsenal on Saturday for a playtest session. The owner, Troy, is a great guy and was very accommodating. He even made phone calls to several of his regulars to see if any of them would like to come in and playtest with me. Sadly none of them were home. At any rate, a huge thank you to Troy and the staff of the Arsenal. You guys are the best. I didn’t get any playtesters on Saturday, but I still made a little progress. I decided to go through the character creation process myself to see how difficult it was. My take is that I need to find a way to shave some time off of copying talent scores to the skills. Outside of that, it really went pretty smoothly and I doubt anyone would have a problem with it.

I also set up a scenario and had a battle with myself. Despite the psychological implications of fighting with myself, it went pretty well and I was able to identify a couple missing skills and combine a few skills that were a bit too similar.

So the playtest wasn’t the success I hoped for, but it wasn’t a bust. Still, I hope to have more luck May 3rd at the Playtest Extravaganza.

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