Stability, Baby!

WOO-HOO!!!I suppose a little background is in order. Not being a math guru, one of my big concerns about the PITCH system was whether the math held up; whether the system was stable.

A friend of mine works with a guy who enjoys running the numbers on such things. (We won’t go into how this guy needs to redefine the word “fun” for himself.) I was glad to have someone look into it that knows what he’s doing.

So today I got this message:

Okay, my friend here says you have a wonderful, unbiased method of determining random numbers. He looked all the way up to 5 enumerations (5 chips), and found you can determine numbers 0-31 with no uneven distribution. That’s pretty rock-solid for an unbiased approach. He also found that removing chips to produce lower ranges was extremely convenient, and produced no bias as well.

Good system, mate!!

So a big thank you to the man who did the numerical legwork on this. This really bolsters my confidence that I’m on the right track.

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