Preview: Chronoplex

Author’s note: I’ve been working on some of the principles that make my setting possible. I figure this is a good place to start with sharing a bit of the setting. Hopefully this is the first of many teasers.


About the Chronoplex

The chronoplex is a network of conduits between different locations in time, or geotemporal locations (GTLs for short). These conduits, referred to as tubes by most tempors, normally flow in only one direction. That is to say that you can go from one GTL to the other, but not vice versa.

The entrance to a tube isn’t much to see. The intake of space/time into the tube causes a slight refraction of the light around it, but that’s about all that is visible. This usually sticks out like a sore thumb to seasoned spanners, but those who haven’t seen it before might pass right by without noticing.

What people might notice is the effect a tube entrance has on creatures close to it. Much like a whirlpool, it exerts a light pull on nearby objects and creatures, drawing them toward it. People passing close to an open tube entrance often feel dizzy or disoriented and have to catch their balance. Spanners can easily identify this feeling and know to move in the direction of the pull (assuming it’s a tube they’re looking for). Tubes usually only open for a linear minute at most, but can be consistently found in the same GTL time and again.

The exit end of a tube is quite a bit more dramatic than the entrance. The same refractory ripples line its perimeter, but the center spews tendrils of light pulled in from the other end. This light winds out and dissipates while small orbs of condensed light bubble out and fade into the surrounding illumination. But light isn’t all that comes out of a tube’s exit.

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