Hard Reboot

I haven’t had much of an online presence for at least two years now. Yes, I’ve been online. Yes, I’ve worked on websites. But I haven’t participated much. I think it’s time I changed that.

I had already been moping about this a bit recently, but what tipped the scale was listening to an episode of That’s How We Roll. In it Fred Hicks espoused the virtues of constant communication. His point was that in online communities, if you’re quiet, you’re invisible. I knew this already, of course. I pulled back from online communities on purpose a couple years ago because I needed a break. I just didn’t anticipate that my break would stretch on for years.

I’m still not sure I’m really ready to get back into it, but I have to try. I want and need help with my gaming endeavors, and the best way to do that is to reach out, actively and often. It means that I need to reboot my online presence.

Wish me luck.

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