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Now that Chronoplex has moved from design phase to playtest/development phase some of you may be wondering, “So what will happen to Hot Buttered Awesome? Chronoplex was all you ever talked about, so is HBA dead?” The answer is no, HBA is not dead. While Chronoplex absorbed the majority of my time and will continue to keep me busy as further content is developed, I do have other game designs in the works. I thought I might use this time to introduce you to a few of the ideas I’m working on.


I’ve dearly loved the Toy Story films. Specifically, I’ve been surprised at how each of the sequels managed to delve into progressively darker and more sophisticated topics without losing sight of the joy that made the original a success. It’s proved to me that there’s enough depth there to merit an RPG that explores the lives of toys. I’m using the working title Playthings.

The challenge here is the breadth of the audience. I want the game to be interesting enough for adults to play, but simple enough for kids to join in. As much as I would love to just tack on my PITCH system as the engine for the game, it’s too complicated for young’uns. I’m looking into alternatives but haven’t settled on anything yet. I’m sure I’ll be posting more on this later.

Card Games

Some time ago a friend of mine (hi Ken!) and I batted around an idea for a non-collectable card game called Minions. The concept is simple: minions are expected to do their jobs without knowing the full scope of what their employer is up to. Knowledge is dangerous. If you know too much you become a liability and the “company” may have to “downsize” you… with extreme prejudice.

In essence this game is about doing your job without learning too much. I see it as a light, fast, darkly humorous game. A good “filler,” if you will.

Board Games

I was watching a documentary on space exploration where they explained how planetary gravity is used to slingshot satellites around the solar system. This struck me as the basis for a good strategy game. The idea is that you have missions to complete in various locations around the solar system and must guide your satellites to their destinations using the planets to keep your satellite moving in the right direction. I see it as a resource management type game. I’ve developed a board that accurately mimics the motion of the planets in our solar system and am working on the basic structure for the rules, but they’re not quite ready for prime time. No working title for this one yet.

So you see, There are more ideas brewing, but these three are getting the most attention from me these days. Keep checking back to find out how each is developing in the coming months.

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