Playtest #2: An Overview

I completed my second playtest of Chronoplex last weekend at Who’s Yer Con. Here’s what I learned:

  • Combat worked, but blocking didn’t really get tested. Is blocking needed or is it already covered by the opposed rolls?
  • Prior training points are gained too fast. Up the attempts needed from five to ten.
  • Pain threshold didn’t shorten conflict, but neither player used a weapon. Might that be the difference?
  • Damage track works, but took some explanation. Work on a better explanation (see below).
  • Need to have a more uniform distribution of talents per skills. Cover all one-to-one pairs.
  • For simplicity, make higher talent the primary. Then attempt points can always be based on the primary talent.
  • One of my design goals is to keep conflict resolution simple, but the rules as written may not reflect that. Need to revisit.
  • I suck at teaching rules! I need a script, or at least an outline.
  • In the future, design for the extreme player, not for the conservative player. If a player asks, “Is there a limit?” the answer should be “Yes,” no matter what it is. Otherwise they will take you at your word.
  • Need to decide on lower limit for ability scores. At what point do they become too low for a character to be viable?
  • PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! I could have gotten so much more out of the playtest if I had planned it out in advance!

Overall a few frustrations, some caused by my own procrastination, but I don’t want to get bogged down by the negative. Overall things are working. I don’t need a total overhaul like last playtest, just some adjustments. That’s progress.

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