Preview: Denizens of the Plex, the Academic

This is the sixteenth installment in a series of previews designed to introduce newcomers to Chronoplex. In this, the first in a series about typical characters found in the Plex, we start with the scholarly sort.


The Academic

Description: Curiosity can be a powerful motivator, and perhaps none feel its influence more than the Academic. These characters relentlessly pursue knowledge within a narrow area of interest. They are passionate about their chosen subject and have a deep understanding of it, usually to the detriment of all else. Nevertheless, Academics have a knack for finding surprising ways to apply what they know to solve an array of problems, which can make them valuable traveling companions.

Tempor academics and linnie academics typically have vastly different goals. Tempor academics understand the fluid nature of linear time and view it as a whole rather than a series of events. They are usually more interested in studying the behavior of linear time and the interaction between linear time and the Plex. For tempors, these subjects are far more relevant to their everyday lives and thus more worthy of study.

Linnie academics, on the other hand, tend to view the Plex as a miraculous opportunity to study the linear world from vantage-points unavailable to most linnies. This in itself is not a problem, but linnie academics frequently want to return to their home GTLs to share their research with their colleagues. This, of course, is a direct violation of the Temporal Preservation Act and brings them under the scrutiny of the TPA. From there, things can get rather messy.

Relationships: Academics are haunted by the unknown and constantly strive to debunk superstition and eradicate ignorance regarding their favored subject. This can be very attractive to characters who seek the truth, such as the Detective, but can put them at odds with other characters. Let’s face it, regardless of the true meaning of the word, no one likes to be called “ignorant.”

Spanning: The Plex offers a myriad opportunities for Academics of all stripes. Linear historians can watch history unfold first-hand. Biologists can study plants, animals and insects that are doomed to linnear extinction. Sociologists can trace the rise and fall of cultures. The list goes on and on. As a result, it isn’t terribly difficult to convince an Academic to span the Plex. However, Academics normally have a very specific GTL in mind that they want to study and don’t like getting sidetracked along the way. Plus, once they arrive at their chosen destination, they normally aren’t too keen to leave.

Talent Focus: Academics benefit most from aptitude and savvy with secondary emphasis on awareness and will. They are characterized by their ability to absorb and use knowledge, but they sometimes need tenacity and perception to uncover information.

Academics should have an authority level personal pursuit in their chosen subject. They tend to put all of their efforts in a single direction, which gives them an edge in situations where they can apply their knowledge, but leaves them flat in most other cases.


Check back in two weeks for the next character concept: The Castaway.

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