Preview: History of the Plex, Part 10

This is the fifteenth installment in a series of previews designed to introduce newcomers to Chronoplex. In this, the tenth in a series about the history of the Plex, we take a broad view of the current state of the Plex.


The Current Age

The current date is Kan-de, 7 Mak, The last tun has been, by all appearances, a period of peace and prosperity for the Plex. Relations between the aggregates have remained stable with no border skirmishes reported in more than 15 years. The TPA has continued its crackdown on Nudgers throughout the Plex resulting in a stable linear timeline. The recorded incidents of contagion are at their lowest point in more than 50 years. Spanners from all corners of Caesia have begun uncovering previously unkown portions of the Plex, creating a new “Golden Age of Exploration.” And the Continental Congress has commissioned expeditions to isolas outside of Caesia in an effort to establish relations with the native populations in these regions. However, sometimes it takes a closer inspection to reveal the true nature of things.

It’s true that aggregate border skirmishes have ceased, but speaking with any tempor quickly reveals that fierce aggregate pride persists. Battles may not be openly fought, but that doesn’t mean that hostilities have ceased, they’ve just been forced underground. A number of clandestine societies have quietly formed over the last tun, each aimed at destabilizing rival aggregates. Even more troubling, it’s rumored that some of these groups have found a common enemy in the Confederate Congress and are working jointly to dismantle the federal government from the inside.

Yes, the TPA has succeeded in preserving and restoring the linear timeline, but little is known about their tactics and those who might object have a habit of vanishing. Some believe that the TPA controls more than they let on, but no one knows just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

While the recorded cases of contagion are indeed at a fifty year low, some believe the numbers have been artificially deflated. It’s no secret that a number of quarantine camps still exist, but most turn a blind eye to the number of patients are sent to the camps, and no one really knows how few return. And, frankly, it’s tacitly understood that no one should look into it.

Record numbers of spanner explorers have indeed uncovered vast unexplored areas of the Plex. What nobody talks about is why so many are compelled to leave the Caesian aggregates. Maybe spanners simply have a drive for adventure that takes them far afield from tempor cilivization. But more often than not spanners have compelling reasons for avoiding the “civilized” portions of the Plex.

The Continental Congress has long espoused a desire to reach out to other isolas, so few question their recent expeditions. However, diplomatic missions don’t normally call for such large armed contingents. Also, while much fanfare is made about the outgoing expeditions, little has been said about any of those expeditions returning.

Yes, much as linear time conceals the vast Chronoplex itself, the thin veneer of tranquility in the current age masks a great deal more. Spanners in the current age will need to be able to navigate more than just tubes to get by.


Check back in two weeks as we begin a new preview series: Denizens of the Plex.

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