Preview: Denizens of the Plex, the Castaway

This is the 17th installment in a series of previews designed to introduce newcomers to Chronoplex. In this, the second in a series about typical characters found in the Plex, we take a look at the most reluctant of the Plex’s inhabitants.


The Castaway

Description: It happens more often than the TPA would like to admit. Linnies wander through the wrong place at the wrong linear time and suddenly they find themselves stuck in, say, pre-industrial New England or feudal Japan or imperial Rome. Many of these people don’t survive long. Removed from familiar surroundings, they fall victim to environmental hazards, foreign diseases, superstitious locals, indigenous carnivorous animals, etc. Those few who do manage to stay alive and figure out how to navigate the Plex are known as temporal castaways.

Castaways are as diverse a group as you might find. They come from all over the world and across the spectrum of linear time. However, they all have one very important trait in common: they have survived. Some have survived by their wits, some have survived by their quickness, some have survived by sheer blind luck, but they have survived, and have done so with little to no tempor assistance. Most spanners recognize that a person who has survived such a trial by fire makes a worthy traveling companion.

Relationships: Castaways tend to run hot or cold. They have typically spent a lot of time on their own, whether by choice or by circumstance, and this usually shapes how they interact with others. Some castaways land in heavily populated GTLs and find themselves strangers in a strange land. These castaways are often suspicious, skittish and slow to trust. Other castaways land in remote, isolated GTLs miles away from human contact. These castaways are typically hungry for human companionship. There are few castaways that fall between these two extremes.

Spanning: Castaways are normally just trying to get back to their own GTL. They didn’t ask to enter the Plex and they miss their home. As such, castaways are typically keen to help with any span that brings them closer to home.

Talent Focus: The most efficient allocation of talents for a castaway is to concentrate on savvy and aptitude with a secondary focus on awareness and agility. Castaways have learned to rely on their wits to survive and to run when their wits have failed them.


Check back in two weeks for the next character concept: The Detective.

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