Preview: Denizens of the Plex, the Explorer

This is the 19th installment in a series of previews designed to introduce newcomers to Chronoplex. In this, the fourth in a series about typical characters found in the Plex, we discover characters who go boldly where others fear to span.


The Explorer

Description: The Plex is a long way from being fully explored. While Caesia has become relatively well-traveled, it is only one of five isolas in the Plex, and even within Caesia there are many tubes off the beaten path that remain uncharted. New tubes are discovered all the time, and when they are there’s no way to know where they might lead. Explorers have a burning need to find out.

Explorers can be thought of as temporal spelunkers. They poke and prod at the edges of known passages in the hope of finding new areas to investigate. Some tempors call this brave, but many call it foolhardy. Unexplored tubes might terminate in a perfectly safe location, but they can just as easily end hundreds of feet in the air, hundreds of leagues below the sea, several yards within solid rock, etc.

Explorers know the risks involved, but are quick to point out that without those willing to explore, civilization in the Plex wouldn’t exist. Besides, through trial and [rather messy] error, explorers have developed methods for probing new tubes that significantly decrease the chances of fatality. Seasoned explorers are never caught without a pack full of odd instruments for testing tube length, temporal pull, termination impact, horosheath expansion and a number of other odd variables.

In the end, though, a tube entrance is only open for a minute at best leaving little time for testing. Whether you call it courageous or crazy, it all boils down to being willing to dive headlong into the unknown and hope for the best at the other end.

Relationships: Explorers are normally pretty easygoing and genial people. (They face their own mortality on a regular basis, so high-strung individuals get weeded out pretty quickly.) They get along with just about everyone and will deal with any group conflict head on. While this means they are usually well-liked and respected, they have a habit of pulling a party down unexpected side roads any time they find a previously uncharted tube.

Spanning: Explorers don’t need to be convinced to span. That’s already a key part of their lifestyle. In fact, the exact opposite holds true for explorers; they usually have to be convinced not to span if they discover an uncharted tube.

Talent Focus: Explorers usually benefit the most from will and savvy with secondary focus on agility and awareness. They have to be able to control their fear to risk spanning uncharted tubes, but they also have to be mentally and physically quick enough to survive if the span ends badly.


Check back in two weeks to meet one of the most sure-footed characters: The Guide.

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