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Having just returned from Gen Con, my interest in game design has been rekindled. I realized that I’ve spent far too much time on just Chronoplex and not enough time on my other board and card game ideas. I think I can produce a board or card game faster than an RPG, so I’m dusting off some ideas I’ve been neglecting.

In the spotlight this week, I’m taking a fresh look at a game I came up with two years ago. The working title is ‘Spin.’ In the game, the players are rival image consultants for Hollywood megastars. The problem is that the stars just can’t stay out of trouble. It’s your job to maintain their image while messing over your opponents’ stars’ images.

I’m still working out the mechanics of this game, but here’s the basic idea. Each player has a Star Card. This includes a basic overview of the star and their image stats. Each round each player draws one card and plays one card. The cards include complications (things a star has done), actions (things you can do to protect the star’s image) and attacks (things you can do to mess with your opponents’ stars). At the end of the game (still working on the end condition(s)) the player whose star has the best image is the winner.

I think this idea has a lot of promise. I think it could be a fun, fast-playing stab-your-buddy sort of game with great opportunities for dark humor. The challenge is that dark humor requires riding a fine line between funny and despicable. Make it too funny and it loses its edge. Make it too twisted and you risk turning players off altogether.

So what do you think? Is this an idea worth pursuing? Leave a comment and let me know.

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