…Aaaaaand We’re Back

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written, and I don’t have long for this post as the battery in my laptop is about to die, but I just had my first play test of Playthings and I wanted to jot down a few items for posterity.

First and foremost, it went well. Actually, it went shockingly well, considering that this was just an alpha test. The players grokked the system quickly and they seemed to enjoy themselves for the most part. (A couple players were quiet, so I couldn’t tell.) Especially promising, one of my play-testers was 7, and he kept up with everyone else with no trouble.

A few points to work out:

  • Right now the system doesn’t really have a ‘hit point’ system. The characters may be toys, but they can still get into scuffles and they can still get hurt. I need some reliable way to measure that.
  • As is so often the case, players want rules defined. I tend to leave things open so that players have a wide range of creative choice, but that much choice can be overwhelming to many players. In particular, define the toys’ Features. Also, define how many characters can have.
  • I never got around to writing up the characters’ Recalls. Still need to test that aspect.
  • I need to fully define (for myself) the ‘so what?’ factor. I need to define why players would want to play a game where they are toys. I also need to find a way to make it clear that the game is not just for kids / families. The game can stand on its own with adults. I know that, but I need to make sure others get that as well.
  • I need to spell out how the world works. Some players thought that when the toys came to life that all of their accessories would become real as well. The way the world works is in my head, but I need it written out.

I don’t want these points to diminish how well the test went. This game has legs. I could really make something out of it, I just need to keep going and make it happen.

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