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I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I finally managed to switch over to the WordPress framework.

What’s that you ask? Wasn’t I on WordPress before? Mmmm, yes and no. I was using the XOOPS content management system with a [out of date] WordPress module. It was clunky and difficult to upgrade, and it made trying to post just that much more difficult.

So great, I have new digs. Does that mean all of the old content is gone? Perish the thought! Since the old blog was at least partly based on WordPress the data tables lined up well enough that I could port them over. It was a bit messy, but I got it all.

So does this mean that I plan to post more frequently? And by frequently, I mean at all? Yes, this move is in part to make it easier to post. I’m trying to eliminate any excuses I have. I want to try to post no less than once a week. More if I can manage it, but we’ll see how it goes.

But do you have enough content to post that frequently? Are you really that prolific in your game designs? Yes, I do and no, I’m not. I’ve decided to widen the focus a little bit. The main focus is still a window into my game designs, but I figure that can also include anything that might influence designs. That could be game news, events that inspire ideas, or media that influences my designs. It’ll be more like looking at the world through a game design filter.

My once-or-more-per-week mandate begins as of today; in fact, as of right now. Wish me luck, I may need it.

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