Going a Little Bit Darker


When I ran Playthings at last year’s Gen Con I sort of half-assed it. Time got away from me and I hadn’t worked on the adventure at all and before I knew it the con was a week away and I had nothing. So I cheated a bit. I used the same house layout (setting), the same PCs and the same NPCs from the game I ran in 2013 and just gave them a new goal. Yes, I know, it wasn’t actually cheating, but I felt bad that I hadn’t put much effort into it. Thankfully, it went well despite my laziness.

This year I want to put more effort into the adventure by exploring a darker corner of the game; something that broadens the game’s scope and is less for the kiddos. An aspect of the setting is that toys are given life by the faith and imagination of their child, so for this year’s adventure I want to address the fact that the fears and anxieties of a child can also bring things to life. I can’t say much without giving things away, but suffice it to say this should open up a whole new branch to the game, one that should appeal more to adults.

I’m excited about the concept and I can’t wait to see what the players will do with it. Now I just have to make sure that I don’t piss away all of the time I have to do it.

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