GC 2016: ALL The Feels

Third playtest down. This time I had a full table to run through the adventure and it went really well. Nobody had any problem creating a character, so from that aspect I think things are pretty well locked down.

The adventure itself went surprisingly well too. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t looked at this one for about three years. I had to make a lot of adjustments to it at the last minute because I hadn’t counted on how much the game mechanics have changed since then, but apparently it was worth the effort because the players had a blast. I got positive marks across the board.

That’s not to say that it was problem free. I did have one player whose character had a Focus of one and she took a Recall that was -1 to her character’s Focus. So I think I need to add a general statement that players can’t take a Recall if it will reduce an ability score below one.

But really… that was it! All other comments were related more to how to streamline the character creation process for a con, which doesn’t really apply to the game rules. It’s more about adapting the rules for a specific environment. I think – knock on wood – the rules are finally solid enough to stand on their own.

Two more bits of awesomeness. First more than one player asked how they could follow the progress of the game. They asked! That’s the first time I was actually asked. Before this I’ve just offered up the info, so the idea that someone might willingly track the game’s progress is really exciting!

The other bit of awesomeness is that one of the players is a professional tech writer and offered to do some proofreading pro bono. For a game company that consists of one employee, that’s amazingly cool.

I ‘m trying to enjoy this as much as I can because tomorrow’s game has no one signed up yet. But that’s a problem for tomorrow. Tonight I bask in the glory of an amazing playtest.

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