GC 2016: Con Wrap Up

Playtests four and five down.

Yesterday was pretty busy so I never got around to writing about my Saturday game. Although nobody was signed up to play, I ended up with five players! I was pleased to have so many, and the game went well. There were no major revelations, although I did have one player experience the same glitch that I have found in past play tests: they took a Recall that reduced their ability score to zero.

And that, it seems, was a running theme, because at today’s playtest another player did much the same. Clearly it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. One of my players suggested that I should start all of the stats at one and then distribute attribute points on top of that. I need to crunch the numbers and see what it messes up, but I guess that’s possible. I’m just not sure what it would accomplish. I think it would be better to just make a note that characters can’t take Recalls that would reduce their ability score below one.

They also suggested that difficulty checks should be higher. They’re probably right about that, I did keep the checks pretty low. That’s because I can be too nice as a GM. I want players to succeed. I want them to have a chance to be awesome. But I should know that players can sometimes fail and still end up being awesome.

All in all I learned a lot over the past week. The overriding feeling I got is that with a couple minor tweaks I think I’m ready to get this game off the ground. Right now, though I need to head back into the hall and make some artist contacts who might be interested in doing some commission work. Wish me luck. 🙂

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