GC 2016: Out of the Gate

First play test down! The boys at Kentucky Fried Gamers provided me with a table at Scotty’s Brewhouse so I could do a first run-through of the Playthings adventure. Here’s a brief overview of how things went.

First the bad. I really screwed up as far as presentation is concerned. At Who’s Yer Con I covered the table in paper and had crayons for the players to doodle their character sheet on. I also had poker chips to help players with distributing their attribute points. Both of these worked well in that play test and I sorely missed them for this game.

Now the good. Thankfully the players didn’t know anything about the WYC test and didn’t miss the window dressing. I was really pleased to find that the players’ enjoyment did not depend on the bells and whistles. The game itself carried the fun.

Better yet, the fixes I put in place after WYC worked beautifully. Between the change in what constitutes a Hit or Miss and the addition of accessories players succeeded far more often and had a lot more fun with it. Also, the changes I made to the benefits and drawbacks of each character type helped eliminate confusion on what they were for and how to use them. So overall, despite some stumbles, today was a big win.

I’ll report more as it happens. Wish me luck. 🙂

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